OSHA 4 hour / 10 + 30 hour Training

OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Training:  All OSHA 10 and 30 hour traininig for members is currently online.  Please contact Chris if you need this training.  860-525-5982


OSHA 4 Hour refresher :

We have two OSHA 4 hour refresher class offerings.  In-person (limited # of people) and virtual.  August 16 4pm-8pm, and September 7 4-8PM.  If interested in the class please register ahead of time.  Virtual classes require materials to be picked up in advance of the class from the hall.

Save your original OSHA cards, 10 and 30- they are always good federally, and they need to be presented along with the card that I issue to be compliant with the state statute for the 4 hour refresher.  If interested in the refresher class, please contact Chris Brown at (860) 525-5982, email at cbrown@jatc35.org, or sign-up at the hall.  There is no cost for this training for Local 35 members.

Contact Chris for details.  cbrown@jatc35.org or (860)525-5982.

Code of Excellence: If interested in this class, please contact Chris