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Ted Martocchio Scholarship

Please note that there is a $1,000.00 scholarship available from the Connecticut State College University Foundation.  The scholarship was created in 2000 in memory of Ted.  It is available only to children of a Connecticut State Building Trades member.  It is only available for attendance at Eastern, Western, Southern, or Central State Universities.  The deadline for applications is May 3, 2019.

Learn More About : Our Labor Agreements

What is a PLA?

A Project Labor Agreement (PLA), also known as a Community Workforce Agreement, is an agreement between a building owner or a municipality and a building trades council. The agreement specifies wages, work conditions, and hiring goals for construction projects. Having a PLA for Connecticut building projects adds many advantages including providing consistency for your budget, skilled workforce needs, and meeting timelines. PLAs are commonly used for school construction, new developments, and partnerships with public entities.

March Apprentice of the Month

Congratulations to Macpherson Eghianruwa Jr., our Apprentice of the Month for March 2021!

Macpherson, or Mac, is currently a fifth-year apprentice in our program.  Mac came from Norwich Tech, class of 2015, and was highly regarded by his instructor.  His instructors report he is a solid student and he has a great work ethic.  I get the pleasure of seeing him a lot as he is always early for class!  If you see Mac around, congratulate him onhis great performance.

Apprentice of the Month

April's Apprentice of the Month is Jeffrey Kent.  Jeff is a 4th year apprentice that has been working with Anderson Electric since June of 2018.  Because Anderson is smaller shop, you may not have run into Jeff, but everyone that does, has something positive to say about him.  I get a lot of calls from journeypersons who worked for Anderson at one point or another just to compliment his skills and demeanor.  Keep up the great work, Jeff!

Continuing Education Classes Scheduled

Classes are being filled by received payment either by walk-in or mail. 15 classes are Booked at this time, please call the hall. Thank you

The Department of Consumer Protection requires that electrical licensees take their required continuing education class by June 30th of every renewal year.  I.B.E.W. Local 35, in conjunction with the Hartford Electricians JATC, are offering classes here at the training center at 208 Murphy Rd to satisfy the 4 hour continuing education requirement.

Maine & RI Electrical Licenses and Fiber Splicing Class

If you would like to get your Electrical License for the States of Maine & Rhode Island please contact the Hall also,

If you are looking to join a class for Fiber Splicing class please contact the hall, we are looking to put a class together for the splicing, date to be determined.

Please call the hall at 860-525-5438!! 

Thank you so much!!

Shaun M. Parmelee Sr.

It is with great sorrow I have to report that Brother Shaun M. Parmelee Sr. has passed away on March 11, 2023. Services will be held Friday March 24th from 3 - 6pm at:

Aurora McCarthy Funeral Home

167 Old Hartford Rd

Colchester, CT 06415