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Welcome to IBEW 35! 

We are the men and women of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 35. We are two thousand people who have earned our living and raised our families by working in the unionized electrical construction, maintenance, and telecommunications industries in Connecticut. We are your Sunday school teachers, your volunteer firemen, your civic leaders - we are the fabric of Connecticut.

Local 35 has been in Hartford since 1913. We have many faces. Sometimes we are the third generation of craftsman whose forefathers founded our local. Sometimes we are youth learning a new trade and sometimes we are a newly organized electrician. We have many faces - but one voice.

We pride ourselves on being the finest craftspeople in the world. We are committed to ongoing training to keep our skills on the razor's edge of the newest technology as well as passing down our knowledge to the next generation of electricians. We stand for decent wages and innovative benefits so that our members can live the American Dream.

Our home is at 208 Murphy Road in Hartford, where our offices and our training facilities are located. Our building is filled with activity day and night, as it is the center of labor activity in Connecticut.

From the beginning, Local 35 provided the opportunity to its members to live the American dream – decent pay and benefits so our members could raise a family with the respect and dignity every American deserves.

We stand for everything that is good about America, democracy, fairness, equal opportunity, quality workmanship, and the chance to live the American Dream. We are Connecticuters that are proud of our heritage and skills. If you are a non-affiliated electrician or contractor or a person that is interested in learning a trade, we want you to join our growing ranks.

Please contact us with your questions!

Michael L. Nealy, Business Manager


Maine & RI Electrical Licenses and Fiber Splicing Class

If you would like to get your Electrical License for the States of Maine & Rhode Island please contact the Hall also,

If you are looking to join a class for Fiber Splicing class please contact the hall, we are looking to put a class together for the splicing, date to be determined.

Please call the hall at 860-525-5438!! 

Thank you so much!!

Shaun M. Parmelee Sr.

It is with great sorrow I have to report that Brother Shaun M. Parmelee Sr. has passed away on March 11, 2023. Services will be held Friday March 24th from 3 - 6pm at:

Aurora McCarthy Funeral Home

167 Old Hartford Rd

Colchester, CT 06415

Continuing Education Classes Scheduled

Classes are being filled by received payment either by walk-in or mail. 15 classes are Booked at this time, please call the hall. Thank you

The Department of Consumer Protection requires that electrical licensees take their required continuing education class by June 30th of every renewal year.  I.B.E.W. Local 35, in conjunction with the Hartford Electricians JATC, are offering classes here at the training center at 208 Murphy Rd to satisfy the 4 hour continuing education requirement.

Ted Martocchio Scholarship

The CSCU Foundation is again offering the Ted Martocchio Scholarship to children of Building Trades members.  The scholarship is available to those applying to Central, Eastern, Southern and Western Connecticut colleges.  Please note that the deadline is May 13, 2021.

Click on the following link to access the application.


The scholarships link is : https://www.ct.edu/foundation/scholarships